Anastacia and Peter Maffay - Just You

If there’s one thing music fans around the world love, it’s unexpected collaborations! And now there’s one more: Anastacia and Peter Maffay.

US singer Anastacia has released her brand new album on September 22, 2023 and presents on it English reinterpretations of twelve German hits. And here comes the absolute highlight: In one of these songs, the powerful-voiced Anastacia meets the German rock titan Peter Maffay! Yes, you read that right. The power duo teamed up for the English version of Maffay’s classic “So bist du.” The title? “Just You” – and it doesn’t just sound like a hit, it IS a hit!

But that’s not all! Anastacia will be a special guest on Peter Maffay’s last big rock ‘n’ roll tour in 2024. The tour will kick off on July 4, 2024 at the legendary Waldbühne Berlin.

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Anastacia neues Album Our Songs

The origin story behind Anastacia and Peter Maffay

How do unforgettable musical moments come about? Anastacia asked Peter Maffay if he could imagine a duet for her new album “OUR SONGS”. Peter Maffay agreed, they went into the studio together and “Just You” was born.

Peter Maffay revealed in an interview with RTL that after this collaboration he had the idea to invite Anastacia for his upcoming tour. And what does the power singer do? Says “yes,” of course!

The U.S. star also emphasizes in the RTL interview how much she admires Peter Maffay:

"He is a legend, he is an icon. [...] But there is so much more. He's so humble, so smart, and he loves music through and through."

But the German rocker is also absolutely thrilled by the American. Maffay raves: “She is such a spontaneous, cheerful, fun-loving, vital woman (…) I already know – when she goes on stage, we have to watch out”.

The power duo together on tour!

Peter Maffay, a fixture in the music world for decades, announced in an emotional press conference on September 21 that he will play his last major tour in 2024. The “Farewell Tour 2024” will be a spectacular event – and who is in the middle of it? Exactly, Anastacia!

A special highlight will certainly be the joint live duet “Just You”. All fans who already want to know how it sounds and looks: The music video of Anastacia and Peter Maffay can already be seen here.


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Anastacia's new album "Our Songs"

Besides the duet of Anastacia and Peter Maffay, there are many other highlights on her new album “OUR SONGS”, for which ANASTACIA has selected German hit originals from the last 40 years.

Among the songs is the English version of Unheilig’s “Geboren um zu leben,” named “Born To Live Forever,” as well as rewrites of timeless songs like Alphaville’s “Forever Young” (one of the most covered songs in pop history) and the Scorpions’ “Still Loving You.”

Interestingly, some of these songs, such as the Kelly Family’s “An Angel” and Reamonn’s “Supergirl,” were originally already in English. But Anastacia has managed to give these tracks a fresh touch.

We have compiled the complete track list for you here.

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Anastacia’ New Album 2023 „OUR SONGS“: Out now!

This is what Anastacia says about her album "Our Songs"

She had listened to far more than the twelve songs, dealt extensively with their content and then discarded many. “Learning German is hard,” Anastacia humorously admitted at the joint press conference with Peter Maffay in Cologne (in English). Instead of relying on online translators, as a non-native speaker she preferred to seek advice from friends in order to grasp the true emotions and stories behind the song lines. The tenor of the originals was then also deliberately retained.

"Once you understand what the story is about, then a song speaks to you."

Praise from the original performers for Anastacia's new album

On “Best Days,” her interpretation of “Tage wie diese” by the Toten Hosen, the band’s frontman himself was involved, translating the song into English. Campino expressed his praise for the new version. With a grin, he said in an interview with the “Rheinische Post”: “It’s nice to hear the song from a real singer for once.”

Other music greats such as Marian Gold from Alphaville and Udo Lindenberg have also expressed their appreciation for the project. Clear proof that this album not only convinces fans, but also fellow artists.

Anastacia and Peter Maffay: Our conclusion on the surprise duet of the year

The combination of Anastacia and Peter Maffay has certainly surprised many: Two absolute favorite artists who fit together great vocally and complement each other harmoniously in “Just You”. Peter Maffay and Anastacia – an absolute power duo!

With her album “OUR SONGS” Anastacia brings back German pop and rock hits in a way that inspires both in this country and internationally.


The new album “OUR SONGS” definitely has the potential to reach high positions in the European charts. It could even become Anastacia’s third number one album in Germany.

If you don’t want to wait until Christmas, you should simply treat yourself to this album at the beginning of autumn.

Anastacia’s new album 2023 called “OUR SONGS” presents itself as a creative compilation of diverse German top hits. From 100% pop to stadium-filling rock radio anthems, Anastacia takes highlights of German music history and thereby makes them accessible to an international audience. “I love trying something new,” she said in advance about the motivation behind her eighth studio album, calling it a unique project to date.

For her fans in this country, therefore, equally familiar and completely new, people in other parts of the world will be able to enjoy these hit tunes for the first time ever.

The album is a gift to the German audience, which has always been loyal to her, especially compared to her home country USA. It’s obvious that both German fans and international music lovers will be thrilled by this album – a real win-win situation for everyone involved.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Anastacia’s new 2023 album “OUR SONGS” now!

"Our Songs" is out now!
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"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
Don't miss any news about the release. Find out everything about 'Our Songs' in our newsletter!
"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
Don't miss any news about the release. Find out everything about 'Our Songs' in our newsletter!
"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
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Anastacia - Our Songs