Anastacia's New Album 2023 "OUR SONGS": Out Now!

It’s finally here! Today, September 22, Anastacia’s eagerly awaited new album 2023 premieres, and she’s come up with something really special for it. Curious now? In this article we’ll tell you all the exciting details!

It’s been a while since we last heard from Anastacia. Her biggest hits such as “Paid My Dues”, “I’m Outta Love” or “Sick And Tired” were indispensable on the radio in the 2000s. For years, Anastacia was a celebrated superstar in Germany.

And now Anastacia is paying her German fans a very special compliment with her new album 2023 “OUR SONGS”!

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New introduction: Anastacia covers German hits on "OUR SONGS" - her new album 2023

What a compliment to her most loyal fans! Anastacia presents “OUR SONGS”, an album full of cover versions of German super hits – her special “Best Of Germany” for 2023. With this, the power voice from the USA celebrates her special relationship with her German fans. She has selected twelve German songs and given them her unique Anastacia touch.

“OUR SONGS” presents interpretations of a wide variety of German hits, which Anastacia now also interprets in English. For her German fans, most of the songs will sound familiar and yet new, while people worldwide may hear these tunes for the first time. The mix is really first class: Among the selected hits you will find songs like “Tage wie diese” by Die Toten Hosen, “Geboren, um zu leben” by Unheilig (2010), “Forever Young” by Alphaville (1984) and “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions.

Despite the rock tendency typical of Anastacia, the singer with the grater voice remains true to the original and familiar melodies on the new album 2023.

A real proof of the remarkable musical sense of the singer!

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Singles from Anastacia's new album 2023, which have already been released:

Best Days

“Best Days” is a real highlight of her new album 2023 “OUR SONGS”. It is a new interpretation of the song “Tage wie diese” by the German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen. The single was released on April 28, 2023 as the first single from the album and stormed the Top 10 of the iTunes charts in many countries, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and of course Germany.

The official music video, shot in Lisbon, shows them in a café, strolling through the streets and partying on a rooftop.

Here you can find more info about the single:

  • Anastacia’s Best Days: The pop icon’s return with German hits


With “Supergirl”, Anastacia presents us with another German hit in a new guise. Originally released by Reamonn in 2000, Anastacia presented her version as the second single from her new album 2023 on July 14. A song that not only made Rea Garvey’s band famous in Germany, but also celebrated international success.

You can watch the official music video for “Supergirl” here on YouTube.

Now or Never

For “Now or never” Anastacia has chosen “An guten Tagen” by Johannes Oerding from 2019. Everything about this song “Now or never”, including the lyrics to sing along, you can find here. But that was not all.

There are many more hits waiting for you on Anastacia’s new album 2023 “OUR SONGS”. Click here for the complete tracklist.

Tracklist Our Songs

  1. Best Days
  2. Now Or Never
  3. Born To Live
  4. Still Loving You
  5. Monsoon
  6. Beautiful
  7. Cello
  8. Just You
  9. Forever young
  10. Supergirl
  11. Symphony
  12. An Angel

Anastacia – OUR SONGS: The Limited Editions of the new album 2023

The release of Anastacia’s new album 2023 “OUR SONGS” brings more than just the music. In addition to the standard CD and the deluxe box, there is a selection of vinyl formats that will make every collector’s heart beat faster:

  1. Limited collector’s edition with two colorful LPs in orange and yellow.
  2. Limited collector’s edition with 2 LPs in splatter look

And for all super fans who are looking for something special:

The exclusive fan box

This special set contains not only the album in a high-quality digipack, but also exclusive fan items such as:

  • A branded water bottle in bright yellow
  • A stylish branded cap in black
  • A lanyard (lanyard) including laminate

Here you can have a look at the fanbox and order it directly!

Want to know more? More details about the limited editions of Anastacia’s new album 2023 can be found here.

Fans' comments on Anastacia's new 2023 album "OUR SONGS

On Anastacia’s Instagram channel, the excitement is palpable. Fans show their immense anticipation for the new album 2023. Many share in the comments that they have already pre-ordered. In particular, the colored vinyl special editions meet with great enthusiasm among Anastacia’s fans.

One fan comments:

“I have already pre-ordered this version of the record, definitely one of the most stunning pressings I have ever seen!”

Another writes with anticipation:

“I can’t wait to hear all the new songs! I’m literally counting down the days!”

And you? Have you pre-ordered “OUR SONGS” by Anastacia yet, too?

Tour Dates

With the release of her new album 2023 “OUR SONGS” Anastacia also plans to thrill her loyal fans in the EU/UK on stage again. After the singer made her fans celebrate last fall with the completely sold-out “I’m Outta Lockdown” tour, the next round will start this fall.

You can find all tour dates here.

A little musical review

What actually existed before Anastacia’s new album 2023?

Let’s take a look back at the impressive discography of this exceptional artist. Since her debut in 2000, Anastacia has thrilled us with a multitude of albums:

Studio Albums:

  • 2023: OUR SONGS
  • 2017: Evolution
  • 2014: Resurrection
  • 2012: It’s A Man’s World
  • 2008: Heavy Rotation
  • 2004: Anastacia
  • 2001: Freak Of Nature
  • 2000: Not That Kind

Greatest Hits Albums/Compilations:

  • 2015: Ultimate Collection
  • 2005: Pieces Of A Dream

About Anastacia

Anastacia Lyn Newkirk (b. 1968), the full name of the U.S. pop icon, captured the hearts of music fans in 1999 and was crowned the “World’s Best-Selling New Female Pop Artist” just two years later. She worked hard to earn her reputation as a vocal prodigy with multiplatinum hits like “I’m Outta Love,” “Paid My Dues” and “Left Outside Alone.” To date, she has sold an impressive 30 million records, climbed to the top of the singles charts in 19 countries, and has also picked up countless awards (over 225 awards in 31 countries).

After celebrating the 22nd anniversary of her debut hit “I’m Outta Love” in the fall of 2022 with the “I’m Outta Lockdown – The 22nd Anniversary” European tour, the pop world is now looking forward to Anastacia’s new 2023 album “OUR SONGS.”

For those who want to learn more about the eventful life of Anastacia, here is a detailed article: Anastacia 2023: Better than ever!

Conclusion: Anastacia new album 2023 "OUR SONGS" - A win-win situation

Anastacia’s new album 2023 called “OUR SONGS” presents itself as a creative compilation of diverse German top hits. From 100% pop to stadium-filling rock radio anthems, Anastacia takes highlights of German music history and thereby makes them accessible to an international audience. “I love trying something new,” she said in advance about the motivation behind her eighth studio album, calling it a unique project to date.

For her fans in this country, therefore, equally familiar and completely new, people in other parts of the world will be able to enjoy these hit tunes for the first time ever.

The album is a gift to the German audience, which has always been loyal to her, especially compared to her home country USA. It’s obvious that both German fans and international music lovers will be thrilled by this album – a real win-win situation for everyone involved.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Anastacia’s new 2023 album “OUR SONGS” now!

"Our Songs" is out now!
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"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
Don't miss any news about the release. Find out everything about 'Our Songs' in our newsletter!
"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
Don't miss any news about the release. Find out everything about 'Our Songs' in our newsletter!
"Our Songs" is out Sept 22!
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